Thursday, July 10, 2014

Normal Life

Life in Israel is never boring. I returned home from Turkey and started a new job. Plus-size ladies' fashion. Worked there for 5 days and boom - literally. The rockets started falling again. I'm not going to discuss politics here, it's not that kind of a blog. But I was told not to come back until further notice. And the girls who worked there had their hours cut back. Of course, people don't want to go shopping in a situation like this, especially in the evening. They want to be home with their kids.

My Kid is home too. He started going to summer camp organized by his school but now it's been suspended. So I took him to the movies yesterday. We watched How To Train Your Dragon 2 in 3-D. We both loved it. There were 5 people in the theater - us and another family. That's it.

I wore my maxi dress which is great for the hot weather we're having.

My comfy Max Moretti sandals.

And I felt oh so French carrying my straw basket. It fits a lot and it's lightweight. And it's not your traditional handbag. Nice to wear something different for a change.

I heard good things about the new Loreal Miss Manga mascara and decided to try it out. We don't have it here yet and I ordered it on ebay. It finally arrived yesterday but I haven't used it yet. Hope I like it - I'll tell you about it later.

Of course, I can't go to the mall (that's where the movie theater is) and leave empty handed. Especially when I walked into the Moretti shop to say hello to my friend. These beauties were on sale plus I had some bonus points. Real suede sandals for about 35 bucks? Yes, please.

And I might have ordered something last night from the Asos site. I've been on the lookout for this style of espadrilles for quite some time and then I saw them on Susie So So and Style At Every Age blogs. Here they are:

You can get them here in black/off white or here in taupe/black. The stock is low and not all sizes are available. Good luck!


  1. Working in a shop now too, what fun! I loved my stint in retail helping people shopping is barely work! Love the espadrilles

    1. Thank you! I haven't worn the espadrilles yet. Must wear them to work one of these days...