Monday, July 14, 2014


We are still mostly sitting at home. Of course, we go out with the dog and for groceries and I still go for my power walk every evening. When I'm out there between the fields I can't hear the siren. So if I don't hear it, it doesn't exist, am I right?

Last Friday I went out with Boomer. We were in the middle of the field when we heard a siren. We couldn't really go anywhere to hide so I just grabbed my Iphone and waited. Sure enough, the Iron Dome intercepted a rocket pretty much above my head. It was a bit scary but cool watching it in action. Boomer answered the attack in his own way - he had a massive poop (sorry for TMI but it seemed so appropriate).

The larger "popcorn" is the one that intercepted the rocket

Last week my kitty Lulu gave us a huge scare. She disappeared. She was missing all day and in the evening my neighbor found here in a state of shock on her porch. Using my detective skills, I came to a conclusion that Lulu fell either from a window or a balcony. Which is not surprising because she keeps falling asleep like this:

Or like this. The little window behind her is always open. And she is not the most agile cat in the world.

When we found her, she was scared, pissed on by street cats, scratched on the nose and favoring her front left paw as she walked. I bathed her, gave her some water and food. And an hour later I found her on the balcony couch in this position. Someone is glad to be home.

Next morning we went to the vet and Lulu got a shot of antibiotics just in case. She is fine now. The sirens don't seem to affect her too much.

But Boomer hates them. Here we are just after one of those "red alerts". I calmed my nerves with white wine mixed with a bit of Creme de Cassis. You know, even after hearing those sirens for so many times, the first howl of it hits you in the guts every time.

I hope it will be over soon and I'll be able to go back to work in the store as well as do my translations.


  1. I've just returned back to the blog world and catching up on your posts. Being out in the field must've been so scary for you, thank god for the iron dome. I find myself avoiding the news at the moment because it's all so sad and scary and yet you are right there in the middle of it. When will it end??? Glad Lulu was safe. L xx

    1. It's quiet for now but they're still calling it the ceasefire while the negotiations are going on. I don't want to watch the news either...