Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Such an exciting day! First I had to go to the bank and after that pleasant experience I drove to the income tax place and sorted out my income tax coordination?? It's when you have more than one job and they decide how much you can earn before they rob you blind. If I'm calling it wrong, somebody please tell me the correct term. I do this every year and it usually takes a couple of hours waiting in line. But this year I showed up in March instead of January and guess what! It pays to be late! Took me about 20 minutes. Thank you, tax people!

This is what I wore to work yesterday. Nothing interesting, plus I went matchy-matchy with the shoes, bag (forgot to take a picture) and the pashmina.

The shoes were the best part of the outfit. All the rest got wrinkled really fast. Including my hair. I'm not really happy with the way it's looking now. But I'll have to suffer and wait for it to grow longer, then I'll see what can be done. Here are the shoes.

And this is my fave citrine ring. I love it to bits. And a strange reflection in my Particuliere covered nail...

That was yesterday. Today I parked at the mall in order to go to the tax people. Of course, I couldn't just come back to the car and drive off home. I had to do a mall-sweep. I exercised restraint and only bought one thing from Zara. Can you tell that I like horses?

It's like that dress with a huge gorilla face on it, only looser, cheaper and the picture is not 3D. A totally different dress, I mean. Look what's on the back of the dress. A bigger horse.

I looked at some ballet flats as well, but to my bank account's delight I didn't find any that I absolutely loved. The search continues...


  1. Tanya, I bet this gorgeous red shoes made it a bit easier on you to have to deal with financials. :-))) You look amazing! I love the fact that you have fun with splashes of color and interesting prints.:-))) Wishing you wonderful week!

  2. Hi Anya, and thank you. I call them my Little Red Riding Hood shoes. So comfortable too.
    I'm still thinking of your coat...

  3. I'm happy to see you back again! I did our income taxes and the gov't kept much more than they did last year :( And I LOVE LOVE that ring!

  4. Hi, Sher! Great to see you back too! Sorry about your taxes...

  5. Love Love Love the horsie dress.
    Have you got your Coco necklace yet?

  6. Thank you, ladies!
    No, the necklace is not here yet, but there is no reason to worry, it's only been a week and with the Passover holidays the Israeli post office is not going to work overtime. I've been checking my mailbox everyday like crazy though. I'll let you know as soon as it arrives! Hope it'll be here by my birthday...