Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Back-ish

Yes, I'm slowly creeping back into the blogosphere. My eyesight is not back to 100% yet but it's getting there. Still have a blind spot but it's semi-transparent. I'm back to driving (finally!) and next week I'm going back to work at the office. I've also been working at home (the second job).

So what was wrong with me? The doctors have finally figured it out. A simple blood test sent to a special lab revealed my mysterious illness. CAT SCRATCH DISEASE! Which hits your eyes apparently which is called Neuroretinitis... blah-blah-blah. This stuff is normally treated with antibiotics, but by the time we got the answer from the lab I was already cured. I'm still on steroids till the end of the month, reducing the dosage every 5 days. I marked it on my calendar that March 29th I'm taking the last 5 mg.

And then I can have a drink!

People that haven't seen me in a month or so can tell right away that I'm on steroids. Fat cheeks. Can't wait to get rid of them!

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