Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back to Work

So, went to work today. Here I am, back on the kiddie table, posing. True to myself, dressed all in black. Felt "safer" this way.

Salad of accessories - big ass flower ring, Eiffel tower pendant, zebra bracelet and faux pearl earrings that I bought in Vancouver some time around 1995. I forgot I had them and some time ago found them along with another pair.

Here is a close-up of my fat steroids cheeks. 2 weeks left!!! 10 mg and then 5 mg and then I'm done!

You can see my Particuliere nail polish here.

But here is a bigger picture, with the ring. I love this color. Girls at work loved it too.

Ever since I got sick I haven't worn any of my heels. In the beginning it was fever, then half-blindedness, I was afraid to fall over. And now I just have to get used to heels all over again. Two and a half months in flats... These Michael Kors flats are my favorites!

On a slightly more personal note I decided to show you another piece of my balcony. This is where I can sit and contemplate my lemon tree. The table cloth reminds me of a Paris cafe.

This Paris cafe, for some reason. Even though they did not have any table cloths. Don't laugh, it's my memory! It was a beautiful day, I sat there, just like the girl with the scarf. It's not far from the Bastille metro station. See that building in the background? Hang on, I'll find the close-up.

See the blanket in the window? There was a "femme de menage" cleaning that apartment. The weather was beautiful, birds were chirping... OK, where was I?

And here is the view from my balcony. Talk about contrast! Sorry to shock you like that. After a Paris cafe-scene you are looking at the most un-glamorous and un-charming town in Israel. This is to the left...

And this is to the right.

Pretty much the main street of the town. Cross it, walk for 2 minutes (slowly) and you will hit the fields. Where I go with the dog. I grew up in St.Petersburg which in them days had 6 million people. But now, if I go to a city like Tel Aviv, with problem parking and lots of people, and then I come back here, I feel at home and breath a sigh of relief. But I would go live in Paris in a heartbeat.


  1. Love the Michael Kors flats and your non-Paris cafe view is still lovely!

  2. Hi and thank you. And you are following my blog!This is so cool :))