Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Blogs and a Fabulous Giveaway

While I was "off sick" I was trying to desensitize my eyes and get them used to the computer screen by reading my favourite blogs. I'd like to thank everyone who left comments and worried about me. It meant so much to me! Sher at Fashion After Forty, Sheila Ephemera, Wendy B, Style Artisan - thank you ladies!

I found some wonderful new blogs to read as well. One of them is Faux Fuchsia who inspired me to dig out my pink nail polish and welcome the spring. This lady knows how to wear a dress... sorry, frock! Her blog is only 3 months old, it will be interesting to see what she's going to wear in the winter (FF blog lives in Australia).

Another blog is My Edit . This is a serious vintage lover, people. Go check out her outfits. And the photos background is so cool.

This new blog I discovered is having a fab giveaway. It's Hostess of the Humble Bungalow and the giveaway is this beautiful vintage scarf:

Visit the Hostess and her blog. She is a cat lover too.

By the way, about cats and cat scratch disease. Noone knows whether I got it from Snooker or some other kitten (it's mostly spread by kittens). And one more thing - the same cat can scratch several people, some will get sick and the others won't. Anyway, I'm immune now. All my cats are safe at home (and they are still fighting). Snooker got the Big Snip two weeks ago. Now I'm waiting for him to get fat.


  1. Cat scratch fever sounds nasty, I have been reading your blog and my heart goes out to you. Thank goodness for hospitals and antibiotics.
    I appreciate your posting the giveaway on your blog and good luck to you as well!
    Faux Fuchsia is one of my faves she has some serious fashion going on there.
    Hugs from the hostess.

  2. Thank you, dear Hostess. Sounds like you have a very exciting weekend planned! I love IKEA, they just opened a shop not far away from where I live, HUGE! Have lots of fun.

  3. I'm so glad you are feeling better, Tanya - it's great to see you posting again. Love your horse dress, and the view from your balcony!

  4. Sheila, hi! Yes, I'm still here and I sure missed all this blogging thing. Do you really like the view from the balcony? Maybe this place is not so bad after all :)