Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Passover

Happy Passover to everyone who celebrates!

We just had The Dinner. I can't call it Seder because we didn't follow any of the rules. But my Mom made the Gefilte fish and something called "floimen tsimes" and other stuff, and it was wonderful. Dad asked before dinner whether he should "put the bread together with the matza". That shows you how religious or even observant we are.

I took pictures of my outfits yesterday and today - and I don't think they are post-worthy. They were, as some bloggers call it, "Meh". But I had a sweet necklace on today, so I'll take a pic of it tomorrow and show you.

Kid's been sick for a couple of days, stuffy nose and hacking cough. I had to break out the syrup and the inhalation machine again. He had fever for one day only, but he's generally weak and his breathing is so raspy that it scares me. I guess it can explain the lack of dressing inspiration for me. Hope he's OK by Thursday because we're planning to go riding together, just me, him and his instructor.

Good news, today I took my last steroid pill (or rather quarter of it)! And even had some wine at dinner. Now I just have to wait for my cheeks and underchin to deflate, and maybe the waistline will follow. I gained a couple of kg and I blame it on steroids! (Love of butter has nothing to do with it, people!)

And why is it that I can't see anybody's pictures on their blogs?? What is it, Pessah special?

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