Sunday, April 4, 2010

Passover flowers

A week went by and I didn't write a single post... Not good. Every night I was going to do it and then promptly fell asleep on the couch. Over and over again. Spring sleepiness, that's what it is.

To recap last week, the outfit I liked best was this dark green twinset which is almost 11 years old (I bought it when Jack was a baby). It still looks good and fits well which is a surprise - the twinset hasn't changed but my body has. I wore it with my wide-leg jeans and black pointy-toed mules. I'm stuck when it comes to choosing shoes to wear with these jeans, I always come back to these mules. Here is a photo. Any ideas?

I put on my faux pearls - necklace, earrings and ring. All of them were SUPER cheap. The ring was the most expensive item - about 12 bucks.

I don't know what I'm looking at. There is nothing on that wall except a clock.
The nail polish here is MAC "Rich, dark, delicious". MAC makes the best nail polish in my opinion. It dries in seconds, you can wash dishes almost right away, and it stays and stays forever. Love it and recommend it.
Finally, a photo of the necklace I got last week, silver and black, paired with a big-ass ring. I haven't worn the second necklace, so no pictures yet.
I wanted to get some flowers for the house for a while now, but then I kept imagining my vases flying off the tables following the routine cat-fight. That kept me from going to the store. But today the love of flowers won and this is what I got.
Lovely roses in a transparent Ikea vase.

Carnations in a jug. I love jugs. When we lived in Corfu I acquired a small collection of jugs. I don't really have any place to display them, so I rotate them as vases. This is my strawberry jug. And a berry candle from Ikea. (They opened an Ikea in my area, 20 min drive. Expect to see more and more Ikea stuff as we go along).

The last arrangement. Blue vase with orange flowers. It lives in the bathroom. I managed to snap a picture before Snooker had a go at it. He stole a twig of baby's breath and wrestled it, leaving little flower bits on the bathroom rug.

I've been trying to photograph my cats for the side-bar (Boomer's picture is already there, he loves to pose). No such luck. I should have taken a pic of Snooker as he slapped the lit berry candle, splashing red wax all over the table and himself. Pink-spotted cat. He spent 20 min cleaning himself. Dum-dum.
Oh, I just have to share the news. A copy-cat that I am, I ordered the Coco necklace from Red Phoenix Emporium after seeing Faux Fuchsia wear it over and over, and it's finally here! It's just as beautiful as I expected and I can't wait to wear it. This week I haven't left the "village" and I didn't want to wear it to the fields walking Boomer. But when I go back to work I'll be able to be real Visionary, Challenging the Paradigm and Channelling FF ( nonsensical fashion words borrowed from FF's blog).

Right, I'm off to paint my nails now.
Added later:
I finally opened my new OPI nail polish and I must say that OPI is just as good as MAC, only the price is much better. It dried just as quickly, we'll see how long it holds, but so far I'm sold. And the color range is much-much wider. I love it.

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