Thursday, April 8, 2010

Give a Dog a Hammer...

I had to go for my hospital eye check-up today. It usually involves 3 - 4 hours of sitting and waiting. First you wait to receive eye-drops, then you wait for the specialist to actually see you and tell you to come back in another month.

So I wore my new skinny jeans. Took a lot of pictures in the mirror and this is what I came up with. I really need to work on my poses. Because I swear, in real life this outfit looked much better!!!

A close-up of the cyclops in the blouse...

After I returned home I changed the top, putting on my Zara "tattoo" t-shirt with a tail. And some loafers.

My summer bag, all golden and sparkly.

With pucci-esque lining (don't look at the label).

My parents bought a small table today. It came in a flatpack. This is my Dad putting it together.
Naturally, Snooker had to come and help.

Then Boomer had to come and help.

So three of them worked together for some time...

And then the boys sent Dad away and finished the job on their own.

End of story :)


  1. Aw, I love seeing the pets help. :)

    I like the first outfit - try posing in the mirror before you take the pictures. I always do a test pose in my mirror (although sometimes I'm just goofy).

  2. Hi Sheila, your poses are great, and the goofy ones are the best ever!!
    When I stand in front of the mirror I worry about details like "did I leave the broom in the background again?" (which I did) and my face gets all weird. I'll have to experiment with self-timer on the camera.

  3. Sexy blouse, I love it! Hope you got a clean bill of health. And it never fails, I always take a book to the Dr's office. It seems no matter what country you're in, we always wait there lol!

  4. I took InStyle with me. I forgot that every other page is some kind of a bra ad! There I was, flipping through my magazine, shocking the religious old guys sitting next to me! (Hope they secretly enjoyed it)!