Sunday, April 18, 2010

White birds, black snakes

Kid and I had a very busy weekend. After visiting family on Friday (Paris cousin, hi!!!), we had a full day on Saturday. First he was invited to a classmate's birthday party in a park where I managed to take a picture of this gorgeous guy:

I've never seen albino peacocks before. He had a white girlfriend too. Boy, were they loud!

And Saturday evening we went to the cat theater. It's from Moscow, they are quite famous. Founded in 1990 by Yuri Kuklachev who basically proved that cats can be "trained". But he doesn't really train them. He watches them and sees what each cat is capable of, what it likes to do. Now Yuri's son Dimitri continues the tradition. It's a clown show with cats doing all kinds of tricks, it's really sweet and fun to watch. We go see them everytime they come to Israel.

It was back to work on Sunday, with the usual elevator shot. New camera does a much better job than my cellphone. I'm in focus again!

Glam shot in the supermarket just to show you that I was matchy-matchy. The shoes somehow matched the t-shirt.

And now I would like to introduce the new member of my huge rings collection (the collection is not huge but the rings are). Meet Da Snake.

This was an impulse buy. As soon as this little guy got onto my finger, he just didn't want to go away. Does it ever happen to you?

Da Snake looked good with my Red Phoenix necklace. I love this necklace! You can wear it so many different ways. Today I hid the camelia under my hair. It's like having a new necklace every time.
How do you like this volcano cloud? My cousin managed to slip under it just in time. Now she is worried about going back home. Hopefully the cloud will be gone soon. My other friend has to fly to St. Petersburg Russia today, she went to the airport not knowing for sure what's going to happen.

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  1. I'm not sure how I found this page, but you're a pretty lady.