Saturday, March 27, 2010

Quartet in Context

I've had a really lazy weekend. Horseriding got cancelled because of the rain. I cooked one lazy dinner and baked a really lazy cake. That's it. Plus Summer Savings Time finally happened in Israel, and we got all confused. Somehow even the dog slept in today for which I'm eternally grateful.

The weekend was spent in comfy clothing, not worthy of photography. But on Thursday night my Mom and I went to the theater. We saw the first production of a Russian theater "Context" from Ashdod, "Quartet" is a play by Ron Harwood about ageing opera singers. I didn't expect to enjoy it so much! Brilliant acting, great atmosphere. One thing I noticed, the audience was predominantly elderly. I saw one really young girl (maybe 19), couple of women my age and the rest were pretty much pensioners. The fate of immigrants' culture I guess.

So I got a chance to wear my favorite zippered dress. I love it to bits but don't get to wear it much. Cost per wear so far has been astronomical. Who cares.

Turned out that my light grey coat is just the right length for the dress. Pardon the fuzzy picture.

Just added black Nine West oxfords with the brass thingies that go with the zippers, a muted gold bag, a large ring and plain gold hoops, and I was good to go. Fat birdie had to stay home.

A close up of the bag, the ring and my MAC Rich, dark, delicious nail polish.

The bag is by Kathy Van Zeeland, so naturally it has a huge crown logo on the pocket. I just wear it with the crown facing my body, so nobody can see it. It's too much.

Next week is Passover. I get to work less than usual and get paid normal. Gotta love the holidays.

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  1. Take your Mom to their Chairs, after Ionesco, at Susan Delal, TLV, July 9th - captivating, beautiful (I'm their home photographer, saw it a few months a go, lots of young ppl among the audience, you can see production shots here