Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hot Chili Peppers

I blowdried my hair today. Then I tried to take a close-up picture to show you, but all of them came out awful. So I took this photo from a distance. Pardon the broom and dustpan in the background, I forgot about them.

Just jeans and a t-shirt today. I did some grocery shopping and visited my friend's shop. Had a nice chat. These jeans are grey, I don't know why they look blue in this photo.

Last night I cooked a nice chili con carne. It's one of my favorite dishes. I think we all have some dishes that we cook when we don't know what to cook. Am I right? For me it's an Indian curry (Bombay curry with coconut milk or Madras curry without), spag bog (that's bolognese) and chili. All of them spicy hot.

Here is the pot of chili on the stove. In the beginning I used to follow the recipe quite religiously, but with the years started to improvise and substitute what I don't have with what's available. Of course, some things you just can't do without. Then you send your husband to the store. I'm busy cooking for you, darling! Off you go!

It was so hard finding chili powder here!!! I tried to get it online but US sites selling tex-mex spices didn't want to ship to Israel. So when I found it in a small supermarket (I'm sure it was there by accident), I bought 5 jars! It's better to have expired and slightly stale chili powder than nothing at all.
Some spices are just not available here. My lovely cousin is coming to visit from Paris in about 3 weeks. So what do I ask her to bring? Cayenne pepper, bouquet garni and herbes de Provence! And nothing from Sephora which we don't have here either :(
Talking about cayenne and chili - have you seen the movie The Mistress of Spices with Ayshwarya Rai? Isn't she exquisitely beautiful?


  1. I've always thought you had gorgeous hair :) Mine is so fine and flat...

    That chili looks yummy!

  2. Oh, I always hated my hair. It's baby fine, the only good thing is that there's enough of it. So far.

    I made too much of that chili! Will have to freeze some of it.

  3. Beautiful head of hair!!! I do not think you have enything to worry about, it looks like you are a lucky-hair girl. :-) Your chili dish looks sensational!:-)