Sunday, January 13, 2013


Blogger gave me another surprise today. For some reason, I'm unable to download photos from my own computer. So I went around and uploaded pictures from my phone to Picasa and from there to the blog.  It's a bit of a pain but there is a plus side - I don't have to plug the phone into the computer.
Anyway, until this is sorted out, I won't be posting photos of my fab sweater dress. Till next time I wear it, that is. But I have something better - at least it gives me a chuckle. And here's why.
My parents bought this argyle jumper for the Kid last winter at the Zara boy's department, size 11-12 years old. This year the Kid has grown upwards and sideways and the sweater doesn't fit anymore. In comes the greedy Mom!

I wanted to wear it with a shirt underneath, but didn't get quite the effect I wanted. The shirt is too short in the front. But I wore it anyway, trying to master the elusive (for me) preppy style.

I wore the jeans, boots and jacket a couple of week ago and liked it so much, I decided to repeat this part of the outfit.

And I wore this to the mall where I bought two things. This UVA/UVB lightbulb for Norman that is supposed to be his sunlight during winter months. And an eyeshadow for me.

It's called "Idol eyes" and it's gray in real life. I tried to post a photo from other sites but failed miserably, so I'm posting a link to the MAC website.
In other news, my dog and cat have been rid of fleas and worms, so all is well in the animal kingdom. For now.

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