Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dark and Fuzzy

"Dark and fuzzy" refers to my pictures, taken late afternoon in my walk-in closet. All the lights were on but it didn't help much. It also refers to my faux fur jacket that I've been wearing non-stop this week.
Last night the Kid and I went to school. The teachers gave us his report card and we talked a bit about progress and other school related stuff. But the main event happened after - the Kid got to have dinner at McDonalds which doesn't happen too often. He loves the stuff. I stole 3 chips off him but that was it.
Anyway, I went with the burgundy jeans and black and gold everything else.

It's hard to photograph black in any light. This is the best I could do with the close up.

Sideways pictures have become a usual feature of this blog. It's the only way I can fit in the picture and still be close enough.

The trip to the mall didn't include just McDonalds. That was a treat for the Kid. I wanted a treat of my own, so I bought this little gloss by Chanel. It's #164 "Plaisir". Alex of HRH Collection highly recommended it in her video here. I tried it on last night. It's a very nice milky gloss without shimmer and it'll go perfectly with all my nude lipsticks. Thank you, Alex.

As soon as we got home the skies opened up. It rained like crazy all night and all morning. The poor Kid had to wade through rivers in order to get to his school bus. And I got soaked walking Boomer. Poor dog waited as long as he could but then started whining, so I said - screw it - and we just went out. Of course, we came back and ten minutes later it stopped raining. Oh well, who doesn't like the wet dog smell in the house!

Stay warm and dry, everyone!


  1. Black, burgandy and gold! Totally one of my favorite color combinations. You look so fabulous.

    I actually just recently started my own blog devoted to fashion, pabulum and travel! It'd mean a lot if you could check it out and let me know what you think. It's at

  2. Thank you so much. Going to your blog now :)

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