Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Secondhand Treasures

The storm we had last week turned into faint memory of windy, rainy, umbrella-murdering chaos, sun is shining again and the temperatures remind me of the "hot" summers we used to have in St.Petersburg, Russia. The mercury would hit 20C and we'd run around sleeveless and barelegged. Here it's 20C and we put on lightweight coats but keep the sweaters underneath. That's exactly how I dressed today while going thrifting (or, rather, second-hand-ing).
The bright coral-pink coat was happy to visit the store where it originally came from. Faux-leather skirt was riding up a little bit, but thanks to the thick tights it was not scandalously noticeable.

Tried to take my photos in the Kid's bedroom in the natural light. See paper dinosaurs on the wardrobe door? He has couple of hundred more stuck in his desk drawers.

I love this cream turtleneck sweater but I wish the fabric were thicker. I can't find good quality sweaters anywhere, and trust me, I've tried.

Today I managed to find a couple of nice things. I bought two vintage brooches. At least I'm sure that the bottom one is vintage, it has a very peculiar lock on the pin, they don't make them like that anymore. The vintage-ness of the top one is questionable, but I liked it anyway.

This faux-fur jacket is brand new, it had tag-strings on it. Nothing fancy but it should be perfect with jeans.

And finally, the main find of the day is the gray suit from Tahari. I'm only showing the jacket because the skirt has to be altered, it has to be taken in, slightly shortened and generally made to fit my body. But the jacket is just right on me. It's the second time I find Tahari clothing in that very store, and all of them size 14. Usually I'm size 12 but it depends on the garment. Like here, the jacket fits me just right and the skirt is too big. Good thing I know a very good taylor that lives pretty much next door, does a great job and her prices are fair.

Anyway, I'm happy. In addition to all that I got myself an Elvis CD which I'm going to listen to as I start cooking dinner.

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