Friday, January 4, 2013

Looking Sunny

First outing of the New Year demanded something bright. Like bright yellow pants and leopard bright. So that's what I wore. Both pants and coat are new, purchased on sale at H&M last week. I always like to wear new stuff right away.

I used to have a million of leopard things. Then I got tired of them, gave most of them away to family and friends, and gave myself a word not to buy any more. But I put on this coat and my face brightened up instantly. It was such a happy sunny feeling that I couldn't say no.

Simple brown sweater, booties and a bag, and I'm all set.

I picked up a pair of pants as an excuse to get into H&M dressing rooms. I'd have bought the pants if they fit well, but they didn't, so no money was spent in the shop.

The forecast for tonight is cold and rainy so no big plans for the weekend. Just snuggle up at home and try not to eat too much.


  1. This is fabulous - I've wanted a leopard print coat for ages: had no idea H&M had some - I'll have to pop in for a look (even although it'll probably mean popping back out with a bunch of stuff I didn't actually know I wanted in the first place!)

  2. I totally agree, I buy too much at H&M. I have a collection of their colored jeans (there's not enough days in the year to wear them all). Good luck with leopard hunting!!!