Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snake and Stripes

Finally after at least half a year I had my haircut today. My hair was getting too witchy and broomy, that's the best description I can manage. I asked Tamara to tidy it up while keeping most of the length. I think she did a great job and I promised myself to go see her more often.
This is what I look like today. There is absolutely no way I can repeat this style myself but I can flatiron it and be happy with the result.

I decided to wear beige today and combined my stripey sweater with snake jeans and new studded booties. The colors were similar so I felt brave enough to put these two patterns together.

Zara trench pulled everything together. This experiment proved to be successful in my opinion.

But the following experiment with novelty nail polish failed miserably.

Having spotted gold and pink manucure in a magazine I tried to recreate it with the same colors. I managed to paint the pink evenly and the result was pretty close to the original. Here it is in bright sunlight.

But in real life it looked like I had pink nails with dirty unkempt edges. So off it went. I think I'll paint it dark next time and maybe add some sparkly bits.


  1. The shades of beige totally works, some of the best stylist say that only dressing in 3 colours makes for a very effective outfit. Due to my love of colour I can rarely achieve this but your outfit is great! L xx

  2. Hey, long time no see! Thank you so much. This outfit felt great and it was nice to wear.
    I know you love colour and I love what you do with it! Miss your posts on your blog...