Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Weather Day

The weather was happy today. Warm, sunny but not too much. I wish we had more days like this. It's usually too hot or too cold for lightweight stuff I wore today. Thursday is a chore day for me, but I try to have a bit of fun while out and about.

I popped into H&M and went into my fave dressing room. It's a corner dressing room, it's large and perfect to take my own pictures.

Of course, I couldn't go there emptyhanded, so I picked up the sweater I liked so much a while ago but didn't get (full price seemed a bit steep). But today I got it at 50% off. In fact, I'm wearing it right now at home.

I loved today's combination of colors, they looked and felt like Spring. I must admit, I quite like myself in this picture (shallow, but what the hell). After all, I've lost 9 kg already and it feels great. I feel great.

My jewelry was sunny and happy too. Turquoise, carnelian and pearls, a perfect mix. I have a bracelet that goes with the ring, but didn't wear it today.

I was on my way out of Zara when I spotted these studded booties. And they were on sale. And I couldn't say no.

It was a nice day, let's hope for an even better weekend.

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