Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mint and Brown

Unless something comes up I always spend Fridays grocery shopping, getting bits and bobs for the weekend meals. And I visit my friend at her shop go chat and catch up. Yesterday was no different. The weather was nice so I went with the mint theme again. But this time I wore mint head to toe, adding some brown accessories.

The accessories consisted of brownish belt and suede booties from Mango.  Makeup was pretty much non-existent, I just lined my eyes with dark-gray pencil (Clinique Almost black, I think it's been discontinued ages ago but my pencils last me a million years).

I really wanted to wear this leopard scarf but it was too hot. My scarf collection is not getting any air this winter. Too bad, we have just one winter month left, I should do something about it.

I bought this suit just over a week ago at the secondhand store and finally picked up the skirt on Friday.

The suit didn't really photograph well, must be the photographer's fault. But it looks really nice on. There is only one problem. This is not the country for clothes like this (that's probably why the suit's previous owner gave up and took it to the secondhand store). But I think I can find a way to wear the skirt and the jacket together. We'll see.

I think I'd like the skirt even more narrow at the bottom but it'll do for now.

Lately I've been trying to put together head-to-toe color outfits, must be Veronica's influence. If you haven't read her blog yet, you should definitely do it. I'm going for my long overdue haircut tomorrow and I have some ideas in mind. It all depends on the weather and my mood.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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