Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Minty Day

The leopard coat I got at H&M is getting a good workout these days. Yesterday I wore it to breakfast with V. She's just been to Europe and I had to hear all about it.

The weather's been warm and sunny and I wore light colors and shoes instead of the usual booties. Of course, I left the house at 8:30 a.m. and my feet almost froze while waiting for the bus. But on the way home I had to take the coat off.

I wore my huge Zara necklace. It has mint bits in it (which can't be seen in this light) and it matched the pants nicely.

These pants used to be really tight. But now I have to belt them so they stay all the way up. And I love it.

I have two purchases to report. First one didn't break the bank, I got these beauties at Nine West at 50% off. They are called "Bonappetit", what a great name for a shoe!

These glasses were quite a bit more expensive but what can you do? He broke his glasses and needed a replacement fast. Just look at those eyes!

And here is my little helper doing the laundry. Thank you, Norman!

The elections are today, time to get ready and go vote.

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