Sunday, December 6, 2009

Burberry craze

Seeing Sher's Burberry dress, I decided to wear my fave top Sunday morning. Kept everything else black and simple.

I'm still playing with the new phone camera. Here I found a new spot to take pictures. I had to sit on the table because the mirror is hanging really-really low. You can probably tell that it's a room for kids just looking at the furniture.

Traditional Zara shot with all the accessories.
black jeans: DJ
booties: Episode
bag: Tignanello
swing-ish jacket: present from Hong Kong

Went to a consignment store with my friend after work. I came in with a bag of stuff to sell and went out with a vintage coat. Slim, black, cost me about 30 bucks, the label says "Blin Blin France". I wanted to wear it today but the weather is not that cold yet. It's in great condition, even the lining is perfect. I'll try to take a good picture of it in the daylight. I'm happy... But you wouldn't believe my friend's luck. I found a perfect, classic, camel, double-breasted, belted long coat in mint condition! But it was too big for me! Only 50 bucks too! It fit her perfectly... Ah, the lottery that is second-hand shopping...


  1. I like the pic is the lift. Just so stylish! And your haircut is really cool.