Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Butterfly

Sheila posted a picture of her new tattoo and invited us to do the same. I'd like to apologize for the quality of the photos, it's quite awkward to try and take a good pic while twisting and turning, because my tat is on the back of my shoulder, and my hubby wasn't home to help and and and...

But here is my butterfly. I got it in Tel Aviv some time in 1998 at the mature age of 32. I thought about getting a tattoo ever since meeting my husband - he has a cool parrot on a flower on his arm, got it in the Navy. We were in Hong Kong in 1994 and I saw the work of the famous Pinky. I was tempted but too scared to go plus I didn't know what I wanted. I didn't want to end up like that American sailor we met while working in a bar. He wanted a tat but couldn't decide... So what did he get? His own initials on the tip of his thingy. He offered to show it to me but I declined... His buddy was smarter, he had an anchor tattoed on the same spot. To show that he dropped anchor in every port... And that guy was married!

But I digress. I finally decided to get a blue butterfly. So we went to different tattoo parlours and looked at their catalogues, but all those places were packed with teenagers and the catalogues were too standard. In the end we found this place on Allenby St. and they were willing to listen to what I wanted done. Which was - no harsh outline on the wings. The guy did it, and I went home and realised that we forgot the antennae. I had to go back to complete my butterfly.

Trying to get a halfway decent picture...

I think it's a good spot to have your tattoo because it's not in your face all the time. Plus that area has no bones and it didn't hurt at all.


  1. I think you made a good choice about not getting your genitals tattooed! ;-)

  2. You go girl! Yours is really pretty! I wanted a butterfly tattoo also. My story about it is here:

  3. It's so pretty! I love your butterfly! Good call on designing your own and not doing "flash" (the stuff in books).

  4. Wendy - There was a piercing option as well, but I didn't go for it either :)

    Sher - Thank you. What is it about blue butterflies that we find so appealing?

    Sheila - Thanks! I love the design of your salamander, the cheeky look on it's face, so unusual.