Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sunday and Monday

This time I post two days of outfits in one post. I had to work evenings on Sunday and Monday till about 11 o'clock. Even though I worked at home, I couldn't blog because I had a deadline to meet.

This was my Sunday work get-up. I have this coat in cream with brown stitching and black with cream stitching. It's very lightweight, perfect for the weather (still no rain).

Coat: Crazy Line
Jeans: DJ Mode
Old brown t-shirt
Shoes: Paola Caniglia
Bag: Nine West

I stuck with the same bag for over a week.

Monday was not the best for me. Crappy day at work. Some people were late for appointments, others showed up way too early, strange phonecalls, you name it. I was sooo happy to get out of the office!
It was a black and gray day.
Tank: Mango
Long cardi: Zara
Checkered pants: BCBGirls
Silver cuff and chain plus watch pendant
Shoes: Caligula
Wallet: Tignanello
Lunch: Cafe Aroma

I finally changed my bag to this black patent thing without a label.

Here you can see the bag much better. I love it, it goes with everything.
My little kitty Snooker peed on it sometime ago! I washed it, aired it out, sprayed it with cat-pee-killing spray - but the smell is so stubborn, and this cat is still a baby! I'm definitely taking him to the vet for a ship when the time comes.

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  1. I'm sorry about your purse. Can you Fabreeze it? I have that spray and it worked good.

    Love your classic styles here!