Monday, December 28, 2009

Tel Aviv

Hi everyone. I haven't posted for a whole week. Got sick again. But in between there was a couple of decent days, and we even managed to go on a half-day trip to Tel Aviv. The main reason for the trip was my son, who asked to get a pair of boots for Christmas. Not ordinary boots either. He wanted steel-toes, like Daddy. The problem was that steel-toe work boots are normally worn by grown-up men. And my kid wears size 6 - 6.5 (my size). The only place where we hoped to find the boots was the Old bus station district in Tel Aviv. They even have a shoe-street.
When I met my husband, we lived in that area. Full of dilapidated buildings, full of foreign workers and illegals. Our neighbors were from Nigeria, girls wore colorful dresses and elaborate headgear. Coolest place, full of character (and criminals and junkies and and...) There is the most amazing street-market there on Levinsky St., all kinds of spices, cheap CD's, clothes, tools, knick-knacks, you name it.

Now the city is trying to upgrade this area. Here is a picture. This is where the bus terminal used to be. Now it's falling apart, and in the background you can see the fancy towers of the "new Tel Aviv". Kid went in there to try out his new boots and kick some rocks around.

This is him, sun is in his face, by the shop where we got the boots. He put them on right away.

Us together. Hot day, I was boiling in my leather jacket.

My husband said: "Let me take a picture for your blog". Funny, he hasn't read it even once.
I'm wearing my new boots too. The only ones in the entire world that I could tuck my pants into! They have elastic in the back. I love them, so comfy!

Kid on Levinsky Street. This is not the market area. That place was too packed to even try and take pictures. Apart from his new boots, he is wearing the new sunnies bought for 5 bucks three minutes before.

The only decent outfit I wore during this week. To work of course. Rest of the week I was busy cleaning the house, grocery shopping, cooking and being ill.

I felt oh so French with my stripes!

No, there won't be any pictures of my Christmas tree. Poor thing! Snooker gets up on the couch and DIVES IN! He regularly beats it up. It fell twice just this morning... I think next year I'll be buying a new one.