Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A point of view from Paris

Well, it's not really a parisian view. But it's just the exact translation of what I thought yesterday looking in the blue arrogant eyes of one of my students who thinks that if he is not God, he is something between the Saint Spirit and Nietzche. I was politely answering his stupid questions asked only in order to attract the attention of the public while of a sudden I saw myself slowly cutting his veins... I tried to do the same with words, such a pleasure, you wouldn't imagine!!!!!! but the image is still here. I always thought judaism hasn't given anything useful to the world. But this commandment is not that bad: Thou shalt not kill. How many times a day we have this desire? This commandment protect us from our deep self!


  1. Ok Do not kill....but can we maim? LOL!

  2. Dear Cousin, I know what you're capable of... Let him live.