Friday, December 4, 2009

The woman's life was easy

-until she made it busy and bought herself a pig!

Well, not exactly a pig, and no money exchange was involved. I went to the cell-phone company to repair my trusted 3 year old Nokia 6280. The young pretty girl told me that just to send the phone to the lab for a check-up will cost me NIS 99, plus the cost of repairs. Or I could get a new phone for free (provided I sign up for a fixed fee service plan. Now, NIS 99 is about 20-something bucks, it's not much, but we're having a "poor" month and... hang on a minute! Did she say FREE?

I'm a sucker for a good deal. Yes, I'll have to pay NIS 109 ($ 27) a month but I pay that anyway on the old plan!

So I've "upgraded" to Sony Ericsson C510 Cybershot with a better camera, better internet access, all singing and dancing. It's not the i-phone, but the cost of those over here is unthinkable.
I've spent all day yesterday learning to use the bloody thing! I played with it till the battery died, took pictures of my most willing model (the dog), watched videos on You Tube, set up the email and went on Facebook. It's exhausting! I'm still not sure how to transfer pictures from the phone to the PC, but I have the weekend for that.
Comparing the phones I can say that Nokia's software is the most user-friendly in the world. But the SonyEricsson is the runner up. If you're willing to sacrifice time of course.
By the way, I've read on the internet (where else) that Israelis speak on mobile phones more that any other nation in the world. Mind you, when we were in China 15 years ago, everybody there was on a cellphone! Everyone!
I cannot imagine life without my phone and hate it at the same time.
I'll torture the dog for a little longer and then try and post pics with different effects.


  1. Now, you can take pics of the ladies in a bus or in a train, pretending you are just playing with it. It's funny and can be useful for fashion ideas. As for hating all these devices, I share you hatred and passinate love. It's really like a passionate relationship with your partner. You hate it (well, the phone, or your modem) but impossible to live without. Imagine, no Internet connexion!!! It's like being half dead!!! We are so dependant feeble creatures

  2. I've been looking for a new phone too. I would like the Droid (verizon wireless) is my carrier. My only hesitation is I pay 39.99 a month (no internet), it would increase to 129.99 a month HUGE increase to get all the internet without paying megabite fees.

    LOVE your phone! And lucky for you that your monthly rate is staying the same! You should check and see if it has an app for scanning items in the store and it will then tell you how much that item is in other stores in your area. Real cool application and handy too!

  3. Cousin-that's a great idea. I already have a couple of pictures of bad fashion, should add some more and write a post :)

    Sher-that sounds like a lot of money. We have a package deal with the cable company, we get TV, phone and internet for a certain amount. By switching to this company we've saved a good chunk (I won't start converting shekels into $$ here, but we feel the difference).

    I'm new to all these applications, previous phone didn't have them. I'll check it out!