Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nine West Boots Week - sort of

Nine West boots week is still here. These are the beauties I put on yesterday. Got them last year at the end of season sale. Leather with pony-hair-like and snake-like inserts.

I had to go half-size up just to zip them up. I would like to ask Nine West and lots of other boot manufacturers: What kind of a leg do you think women have? A leg is not a broom-stick, it has meat, muscle and fat attached to it! My calves are not even that "athletic" as some magazines call them. So why do I have a problem zipping up or pulling up all these beautiful boots? I am average in size (let's say 10-12 depending on a company).

At least Nine West puts an elastic insert on most of their boots. Other companies don't.

Anyway, we went to the mall with my Mom and the Kid who is on Hanukkah holiday.
This is what I wore:

Fuzzy photo again. I can't seem to master it at home. I need the boost of the retail energy to take a good picture.

Sweater argyle dress: Danza
Silver "plastic" coat: Dolce and Gabbana - ha-ha-ha! Why would they even bother putting that on the label? I bought it not for the label but for the color last year, when metallics came back into fashion. It matches my pewter booties from Monday post.

But in the end I changed into my flat boots. Didn't want to tower over my family.


  1. My calves are the same way! I have one pair of leather boots that have an elastic across the back, but I have to wear a long skirt over them.

    I'm catching up on blog reading and have to say I love your fur vest below. I've yet to find one for me.

  2. Hi Sher,
    it's nice, warm and fuzzy. And it's still too warm outside. If the global warming kicks in, I'll send you my vest :)